There’s only so much you can do in a day. Yet there’s always more to get done than you have time for. There’s work, getting the kiddo (or kiddos) to and from school, cooking, helping with homework, laundry, cleaning, after school activities, only to start the whole shebang again tomorrow! Do you feel me?? 

I will be the first to admit, I’ve been hopeful that my son (I only have one kiddo) would want to play sports or do anything else outside of school. But inside I’ve been cheering that he outright refuses! Who has time for that anyway?! And then all the announcements come home from school. A Monday after school course that he’s super excited about. A school flag football team he wanted to join last year, but we learned about it too late. Wait, what happened to my peace?

Yes, I know it’s good for him to take on these fun activities. But how do you fit it into your already busy life? I mean REALLY?? 

I’m sure once everything starts, the new routine will settle. Plus the after school course is when we’re still at work, so what am I so worried about? And flag football will still happen even if my husband and I can’t be there until later. But what if he gets hurt? Won’t he want his mama there to support him? Well, he will just have to get along until I’m able to get there. After all, I have a full time job that I need to be at that’s kind of necessary to survive here. 

Things are about to change, though. I learned the other day that my position is being cut. I’m being laid off. Thankfully, they’re giving me until June to find another job or another way to make a living. I have a side business that I started the middle of last year, but the income isn’t anywhere near what I make at my job. It cannot replace my income just yet. But I’m getting there! A few of my friends have been able to resign from their jobs so they can be work at home mamas, why not me?

Well, it’s time to step it up! Finding a job is hard! I’ve been down that road many a times! But I’ve never been laid off. This is new! It’s frustrating! Stressful! I’m a HOT MESS over this! I’m crying on the inside because I love my job and I don’t want to lose the income. 

What if…? What if I could do well in my business so I don’t have to worry about getting another job? What if the next couple months are AMAZING!! What if we can survive without my going to another job and be more available for my family? 

Here’s to new adventures this year! By the way, Happy Lunar Year! 🏮⛩🎇


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