The hardest part about being a working mama, for me, is everything that has to be done around my full-time job. It breaks my heart that I need to rush my son to school so I can barely make it to my job in time. It hurts my feelings that he has to go to after school care because mama and daddy are at work. How is it fair for him as a child??

Think about it, I wake my son up at 6:15am to get ready for school. In reality, I’m the one that takes longer to get ready and I get him up at that time so I don’t need to stop in the middle of getting ready to get him moving. It’s all extra sleep he could be getting if I didn’t need to spend so much time getting myself ready for work. 

 At 7:30am I drop him off at school. Then I head straight to work. A job that I prefer to start at 7:30am, but I don’t walk in until 8:30am. That’s already an hour my son’s been in school!!

He finishes most school days at 2pm. We finish work at about 4pm, plus an hour to drive back to school. Our poor child needs to stay at after school care for 3 hours until we can get to him? That’s a total of 9 -10 hours he’s not with his family! 

Yet after we finally pick him up and get home, suddenly we’re rushing once again. This time, we’re rushing to get dinner made. And we rush to get ready for bed. 

Why is it my time with my precious son is always in a rush? Why is the time we have together anything but relationship building and memory making? Will it always be like this? What kind of a childhood is this?

I hope this is not the story of our lives. There’s so much more to look forward to, right? Well, it is my dream to work from home and no longer have these rushed moments to get things accomplished in the little 24 hours in a day. Are you with me? The American dream has traditionally been to start our own business and thrive independently. I think it’s time we did just that, are you with me?


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