Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager was a HUGE success for many years. He wondered what caused this success because he didn’t believe it was all his doing. He came across this story about Jesus managing these twelve ordinary people, doing way more than he could ever have explained himself. Then he created Lead Like a Jesus.

Whether you’re a One Minute Manager or leading like Jesus, as a working mama, you must manage your family effectively. There’s so many tasks that must be accomplished from day to day. And projects that must be managed effectively to be accomplished ina timely manner. There’s birthdays and special holiday celebrations, there’s parties to attend and gifts to buy, whatever the case might be, managing a family effectively is easier for some than others, just like in the office. 

Okay, working mama, how do you manage the day to day? Personally, I like to start my day with scripture and meditation. I once exercised first thing in the morning, before the sun even rose. I haven’t fit it in my life recently, but I feel I need to! Make a schedule of everything hat needs to be done, from dropping off the kiddos at school to doing the laundry to going to the grocery store. Most of all, don’t forget to pick up the kiddos!

If you’re a list maker as well, get that list of to dos written for the day. Every day is a busy one for working mamas, right? Let’s not forget anything or anyone! 


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