Every year, it seems like a challenge to come up with new and exciting ideas for birthday fun. And every year, the budget just seems to get n the way! Why spend oodles of money, when you can have just as much fun and create just as many memories by just doing something simple, with a few people instead of a whole lot?

It shouldn’t be a challenge for who’s party outdoes everyone else’s, right? We’ve done the Chuck-E-Cheese thing a couple times, it’s expensive yet there’s no cleaning, cooking, or entertaining required! We’ve also done the California Pizza Kitchen thing, it’s fun to tour the kitchen and make their own pizza, plus get a personalized chef coat! Also, no cleaning, cooking, or entertaining required. Both venues though, we spent hundreds of dollars! 

This year, our sweet child opted to have a few friends over for pizza lunch, then other friends for dinner, and tomorrow night dinner with the family following the Super Bowl. While I may have doneo some cleaning, the house needed it anyway. And while I had to go some grocery shopping, we needed that as well! And the kids are old enough to entertain themselves! Another couple hundred, but there’s still lots of food for other things, like lunches for this week and homemade bread to bake tomorrow, I’m not complaining!

I haven’t quite figured everything out for tomorrow’s dinner yet, but I have some of it ready to cook, like alfredo spaghetti with turkey meatballs and a veggie tray. We still need some other items, because there will be 17 people here with a growing younger crowd. This means we need a few entrees, a tossed salad, and some dinner rolls. And we’re Asian so rice is always a necessity. 

In typical Chinese fashion here in Hawaii, a Chinese fried noodle is needed and maybe some orange chicken. This will get ordered tomorrow morning and I hope one of two places will be able to supply these dishes so I don’t have to go grocery shopping again! We shall see how successful a birthday dinner is following a Super Bowl party!


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