Did you know a basketball hoop can fit TWO basketballs at the same time? Why would they make the hoop so big? It’s to give the basketball player some grace

Did you know a typical lane on the highway is twice as wide as the average vehicle? Why would they do that? It’s go give all the drivers some grace. Can you imagine driving in a lane that’s as wide as your vehicle? 

Grace is something we should all be working to give, most importantly to our spouse and kiddos. When they say something they shouldn’t have or in an unacceptable tone, give it grace

It’s been the topic of my week. This past weekend we went to a marriage conference where Stephen Kendrick was the speaker. He shared about how we need to give our spouse some grace because men and women have thought processes that are so very different! We are just wired to think differently. 

Yesterday, my family and I attended a new church. It was the launch of this new church, the grand opening. The message was amazing and started off sharing about grace. The pastor shared about how God gave Moses and the Israelites grace when He saved them from Egyptian slavery. 

Grace is also for the people you work with, go to school with, stand in line at the grocery store with, share the road with when driving, etc. Give it grace everywhere you go. Grace is a virtue you may overlook, but we do it every day. 

I challenge you to give it grace throughout your day. Reply below a time you gave grace today. 


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