When you go to bed, you expect to be asleep through the night without disruptions. Then your bladder seems to have shrunk, there’s noises outside, the kiddos want water, if you have a pet it needs to be tended to, and finally you’re awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling. Do you ever go through this?

This has been my life a minimum of twice a week. It’s not so bad unless the twice is two nights in a row, and this is pretty regular! Then you’re walking around like a zombie for a few days because your body just can’t keep up! 

Well, I have done some research and most articles have suggested better sleep hygiene like no electronics in bed, don’t read in bed, don’t drink too many liquids before bed, no caffeine after a certain time, etc. You’ve heard of those, right? But do we follow those? Of course we do–not! 

Here are 3 tips for dealing with that insomnia:

1) Prayer! Most times when we can’t sleep, God wants us to pray. Sometimes it’s for a specific person while other times it’s a situation. Spend some time in prayer, it helps!

2) Thrive!! This includes two capsules tot ale before your feet touch the floor in the morning. Seriously! I wasn’t a believer until I actually TRIED it!! It’s full of B vitamins that bring you the best boost first thing in the morning. No more sluggishness! Follow the capsules with a lifestyle mix, I use half a package every morning mixed with vanilla soy milk (this comes in various flavors!). And lastly, wear a nutritional patch that energized you throughout the day, no coffee needed! I often forget the patch part and end up getting coffee, but the patch is so much more effective!! And it comes in various color schemes! When I use all three, I get the best sleep of my life! For more information, visit http://theodene.le-vel.com/ 
3) Lavendar essential oil! Place a drop behind each ear, you could also splash a drop or two on your pillow or rub on the bottom of your feet. Works fabulously! Message me if you’re interested in purchasing essential oils (it can help with so many ailments!!). 

These are my three suggestions for taking care of that insomnia. It’s not your typical response as I’m not your typical working mama! Get some rest, most mamas need it! Good night!


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