When things go awry and you are at a loss for words; when things are crazy and you don’t know up from down; or when life throws you lemons and your lemonade just doesn’t taste right, it’s time for resiliency. Resiliency is a term I recently learned to focus on in myself even when I’ve been doing it all my life! How is that possible? 

I grew up loving to read. I always carried around two books with me so I’d always have something to read when I had a moment. Reading was my escape from reality and I never knew it. As a child, it was just reading. Now, I know it was resiliency. It is what I do to cope with the events that are happening around me. 

Resiliency is something we all naturally do. It functions differently in each of us. The act of bein resilient happens when we find our balance in this life. Your resiliency could be surfing or cooking, cleaning or hiking, it’s what we call hobbies, things we love to do and plan into our lives. We get upset when we aren’t allowed to do our resilient activity or when it gets cut short because we aren’t done with getting that peace. 

We do these activities so that we can bounce back when we feel thrown into craziness. If you’re a mama, you experience that craziness quite often, I’m sure! If you’re a working mama, your craziness can be at work or at home. Sometimes the crazy comes in the form of traffic while other times in the form of people we have to deal with. Whatever your craziness is, find your balance, your resilience.

Once you do your resilient activity, you will feel refreshed and better equipped to face the day. Sometimes the resilient activity needs to be postponed due to work or appointments or just the weekend. But planning for it helps, too. Knowing you will achieve your activity and look forward to it makes the crazy now easier to deal with. 

What do you do to remain resilient?


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