Have you ever gotten a passport? A couple weeks ago we had an appointment at the passport office. We took our passport photos at our local CVS and I figured they do this a lot and should know what they’re doing. 

My photo looked okay, considering you can’t wear glasses in a passport. I got over it quickly since we need passports to travel to Canada now.my son had just finished flag football practice and he looked like a sweaty wreck. His photo was okay, but closer up than mine. I didn’t have the exact requirements with me, but I figured it must be fine.

We get to the passport appointment, complete all the documents with copies of other stuff. Pay for our passport and everything. But in yesterday’s mail comes a letter saying my son’s photo was rejected and doesn’t meet the criteria. So I take him back to the same CVS because I needed to pick up a prescription. I figured this time it would be ok. Yeah, no. I compared the new photo with the required sizing and it doesn’t meet the requirements. 

Guess who needs to return for yet another photo? 


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