Good morning, it’s 7:43am here on a Saturday. Let me say that again, it’s Saturday. The only day in the week that I get to sleep in. Do you have one of those?

But this morning, my husband decided to wake me up by touching me with cold, wet hands. He wanted to go to the store before it got crazy busy. I have things I need but not at that store and I am sleeping. Please let me be. 

Our son jumps out of bed when he realizes daddy left. He goes straight for the video games. I did not want to move, but did reluctantlybto make the child some cereal and milk. As I sit here on the couch, I realize I really have a ton to accomplish today. I really don’t want to move!!

What do you do when you don’t want to get out of bed?

Here’s my plan:

▪️Stand up!

▪️Take my morning supplement

▪️Make and drink my lifestyle shake

▪️Put on my nutrition patch

▪️Everything should get more productive from here!

I love this morning routine! It totally gets me going and starting my morning right. I’ve also found that I don’t need coffee to get me through the day!

A little information that I know, the morning supplement is full of B vitamins that fullybwakes your mind. The shake comes in a few flavors, I’ve only tried the vanilla and I add it to about a cup of non-dairy milk. And the nutrition patch is superbfor getting the nutrition you need throughout the day without the coffee!

Interested in getting some of this amazing morning routine to get your day going? Check it out: 


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