Come on, let’s go! Change your clothes and let’s get moving! Turn off the television, grab your books, we’re going to be late for school! Get in the car already!!

Ever go through moments of rushing your child to get moving? Does it feel like they’re moving in first gear when you want them to move in fifth? This is quite common in children in my son’s age group, 8 years old. 

When he was an infant and toddler, I had to give myself an extra 30 minutes minimum to get anywhere on time. It was a challenge to get used to this change of pace and lifestyle change overall. But, it’s doable!

Then my son became elementary school aged and the need to stall completing anything it’s like pulling my hair out, one by one. I read somewhere that children at this age needs a count down. It helps them to realize they need to get moving. So I always start at 30 minutes, then 20, 15, 10, 5, and 2. It helps him, but it always feels like it takes extra time and energy for me. This requires me to add on extra time to stop what I’m doing myself to get ready so I can get this countdown accomplished. It’s exhausting. But it works!

Now to give myself a countdown because I find myself consistently late! I’m always reminding myself to breathe. If we aren’t capable of caring for ourself, there’s no way to care for our children. It’s like when we ride an airplane and the short emergency brief before takeoff where you place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping anyone else.

Take a moment to breathe. Calm yourself. I’ve also heard that when our emotions go up, our intelligence goes down. When our emotions go up, we tend to react using our current emotional state, rather than reacting with our usual brain power. It’s a good practice to breathe! Calm down before saying or doing anything drastic!



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