It’s the start of spring break here in Hawaii. Some left yesterday for Disneyland while others chose to enjoy a stay-cation. Then there’s us. We are a dual-income family who will be doing just that during this spring break, working. Our sitter (my mother) is on vacation so that leaves me with no sitter for the child. What would you do??

While my mother attempted all her grand ideas before leaving on her trip with nominating my high school aged niece and nephew to watch my child, I knew they wouldn’t do it. Then she offered my oldest brother, who doesn’t work, but really enjoys his alone time. Knowing I have flexibility at work, I’ll bring my son with me. Everyone knows him there and as long as he isn’t bothering anyone, he will be just fine. 

I’m totally okay with tagging him along for a few days as long as he isn’t bothering anyone. When he begins to become a pain though, that’s when this mama has to put her foot down. There’s always the threat of sending him to the YMCA. He spent practically the entire summer there last year and he did not like one moment, at least he won’t admit it even though he made tons of new friends.

The day when I do not need to worry about school breaks and what my child is doing is one I look forward to! This is where redefining my life as a working mama comes in. My dream is to redefine working mama from working for someone else to working for myself. How is that not a fantastic dream?

Is it doable? Absolutely! Can you do it, too? Totally! If you’re ready to learn about how you can become a work at home mama (WAHM), reply below or message me on Facebook!


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