Hope you had a productive Monday!!

Phew! What a day! So I had a few goals for the day:

  • 30 min of morning devotions 
  • 30 min reading πŸ“– 
  • Drink 8 glasses of water πŸ’¦ 
  • Schedule church scriptures for the week
  • Schedule business posts for the week
  • Post a recap at the end of today!

Let’s see…

I didn’t do my devotions even though I thought I could squeeze it in when I got to work. This is upsetting because I believe we should always put God first and I have failed at that several times just this past week. 

My 30 minutes of reading I try to do at night just before bed, so I haven’t gotten there yet.

I’ve had almost 40oz of water, not quite 8 glasses! 😬 I’ve had a headache all day and hoping water would help. The headache seems to only go away when my brain is preoccupied. 

Schedule church scriptures and business posts have lasted just for today. I need to get ahead of the game so I’m not behind every day!

And this is my recap. So I’d say I’m almost there!! I’ll finish this water and then get to reading my book. Good night!!


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