So like yesterday I’m posting this later in the morning. It’s nearly 10am here! 😬 

Anyway, my goals for the day are quite similar to yesterday’s plus a few more important items:

  • Design a post promoting kids church on Easter with the link to register
  • Schedule IG posts for church
  • Schedule this week’s posts for business
  • 30 min devotions
  • Get my son to flag football practice
  • Attend my son’s school recognition dinner
  • 30 min reading

My son is receiving an award tonight for achievement. There’s a whole PTO dinner and everything for it tonight for parents since they’ve already been recognized in front of the whole school at an assembly last week. It’s a HUGE deal to get recognized as only so many kiddos can be from each class and only the first 3 quarters. I’m a proud mama! Think I’ll get him some of his favorite Pokémon and YuGiOh! Cards for a great job gift along with a fake lei because we’re in Hawaii and we give leis for everything. But I don’t think he’d like a real lei so I’ll find him a fake one. Shucks I should’ve made him one but there’s just not enough time in a day!! 

I also need to figure out when to go shopping for Easter classmate gifts and flag football snacks for Saturday. 😬 How do you manage all of these things, mamas?? I totally feel overwhelmed right now!!


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