What a day! My goals that I started with:

  • Design a post promoting kids church on Easter with the link to register
  • Schedule IG posts for church
  • Schedule this week’s posts for business
  • 30 min devotions
  • Get my son to flag football practice
  • Attend my son’s school recognition dinner
  • 30 min reading

It took me all day to develop a church Easter post. Loved by Cindy, not really loved by me. I should send more to Shawn and ask his opinion.

Scripture posts for church accomplished.

Business posts not done. I really need to focus an hour to do these.

Devotions not done, again. Frustrating. I really need to do these to grow closer to my Maker.

We were late to flag football, but he stayed a little later to practice catching. He’s a receiver. James took some videos of him catching and one of him getting hit in the eye with the ball when he missed. Thankfully, he’s okay.

Recognition dinner went well. The PTO board is trying to loop me in to committing to a position. I’m not sure I can fully commit. I need to pray over this one. I really want to be that super mama. It could also potentially boost business.

And 30 min reading? I try to read before bed. I just read for 20 min and started falling asleep. I am so very close to finishing this book, why can’t I just finish the last 20 min of reading? 

What did I learn today? Not all goals will get met and tha s okay. Sometimes people will ask for a huge commitment and I need to take time to really pray over it. Fore jumping into decisions like this PTO thing. I don’t have a very good track record with the PTO thus far, as I’ve gracefully bowed out two years already. I understand their concern. I really want to be committed. Like in scripture, make your yes be yes and your no be no. I wonder when they want to know by. 

Good night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the mosquitoes bite…


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