What an interesting day! 

My son was so good as my work buddy. He entertained himself with my iPad as I did my work. We had an early lunch to fit his hunger schedule that mimics that of his school day. And we enjoyed a few free games of billiards. We also shopped for game day snacks and we get the bags started, the rest we’ll complete at the end of the game tomorrow. And we ended the night watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, subtitles and all, as a family. The more gruesome parts I did my best to entertain our son so he didn’t need to watch. We giggled, we eeeked, we cried, and we got attacked by biting midges. 

A lot accomplished today, but that book has still not finished reading!! This is the weekend to finish reading it as well as posting a book review!! This is the weekend for that! 


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