Wow, yesterday must have been a blur! I didn’t even post!!

My reading has been slower than I’d like. I haven’t been doing any devotions, my #1 issue. I didn’t write my book review for Eyes Wide Open yet, a slight concern that I’ll forget what the book was about before I write my review. And I’m a few weeks behind in my book studies, a minor concern that I’ll miss my chance to see the accompanying teaching videos that go along with the books. And all these other books I want to read!! 

As always, I take on more than I can handle. And the days fly past so quick it makes me wonder if I’m using my time wisely. 🤔

I recently attended a training class that gave me two more books 📚 😳 and I’d like to read it at some point this year!! It’s about outward mindset, thinking and doing for others without selfishness. Whoa, pretty deep and I totally want to be engrossed in it! 

Anyway, goals for today:

  • Read 30-min
  • Get son to flag football practice
  • Business daily 5/5/5 (currently at 0/3/0)
  • Figure out dinner! 🍽
  • Clean up the tables (the catch-all tables at home)
  • Wash dishes before going to bed (so tired of doing dishes first thing in the morning!!)

Do you set yourself daily goals? Why it why not? What are you doing different today for better tomorrows??


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