Last night I was reading a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It was on Kindle Unlimited and a friend recommended it. I have successfully read two chapters 😂, but it’s been an AMAZING two chapters. So last nights reading Elroy mentioned being gracious. Having a journal to start your day and for 10 minutes, just write what you’re thankful for. 

There was a time in my life when I did this regularly. But I didn’t do it first thing in the morning. This is something I need to start waking up early to start doing. Start my Miracle Mornings with gettjngbup an hour earlier every day to read, pray, learn, exercise, and just plan the day ahead. 

I am thankful for getting some sleep last night, even though it was scattered and I woke up every 90-min or so. It was an unusually strange night of weird dreams and the urge to pee. 😜 My mother used to say if u have a bad dream, it’s because u need to wake up to pee. No one ever said why I’d have to do that 5 times in one night 😳

Anyhow, what are you grateful for?

My goals of the day:

  • Watch the training video from yesterday that my friend posted regarding the crazy business activities these last few days of the month
  • Get a free chai latte from Starbucks using the freebie coupon they gave me a few months ago
  • Flag football practice
  • Make garlic chicken for dinner
  • Read 30-min
  • And let’s not forget to drink some water 💦 

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