There was a time in my life where growing my vocabulary was important. Learning a new word a day, make a new friend every day, reach a goal a day. Whatever it is to do each day, it’s so hard to stick to, right?!

Here, I’ll do a word of the day on Wednesdays. I totally meant to start this last week 🙈 don’t judge!! 

Anyway the Word of the Day today is:

A heart is more than the organ in your body that pumps blood through your circulatory system. It is also an emotion or feeling. 

For the purpose of today’s Word of the Day, I’m focusing on the emotional “heart”. For example, He plays soccer with all his heart. It’s like when he plays soccer he gives it all he has. It’s the same for other sports, music, whatever activity you might love. 

Another way to explain it is when we do or say something from our heart. When it’s from the heart, it’s encouraging and compassionate. 

“Heart” has been a focus in my life in many ways and from various places. I’ve read about something called a “heart drop”, which is when someone says something that means a lot to them and you remember it when it means the most. For example, when your coworker mentions how his anniversary is next week Tuesday and you give him a Happy Anniversary card. It shows you remembered and you thought about the importance of this day. Sometimes it might be a gift for your spouse or best friend. 

Another time the “heart” came to my life recently was at church. We’ve been covering Building Successful Relationships and the “heart” is the root of what we do and say. 

And again, just yesterday, my son comes home with these random baseball cards. It’s no popular players or really worth anything, but he says, “Mommy, I got these cards for Daddy because his baseball cards were lost.” He’s so sweet he thought of his Daddy when someone gave him random baseball cards. And to think he remembered this fact that was discussed months ago. Now THAT was a real HEART DROP if I ever experienced one! I’m a proud  mama of a child who has heart! 😍
Now to turn this into a goal for the day:

  • Find something that someone says that can turn into a heart conversation or action in the next week. 

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