Last month, my son’s friend from school shared that he wanted to play flag football with a local league. We decided to register our son to join his friend. Then I received an email saying they are short on coaches and looking for parents to volunteer. What would you do if your child’s team doesn’t have a coach?

A couple years ago or so, he was in a soccer team with a similar issue with the same league. One of his friends parents volunteered to coach only if my husband or I assistant coached. So, I did and we had loads of fun! 

This time, I waited. I hoped another parent would volunteer. I’m a mother, not a flag football coach! I’ve never played the game and don’t fully understand it! Then another email came a week later. Eeek! If we don’t have a coach, my son and his friend might end up on different teams! We can’t have THAT!!

What to do, what to do…I gave in. I volunteered myself to coach this flag football team. Today was the coach clinic. The director and assistant director showed us some drills we can run with the kids. And showed how the younger children may be a little more challenging to complete drills with as the older kids already have some experience with the drills. 

My son being in the middle of the extremes, I’ll likely start off with the easier drills and may do a more difficult drill towards the ending of the season and the kids get to know each other a little better.

As a working mama, I believe keeping my child busy is important. And if I need to volunteer as the only mama coach, I’ll do it! It’s about spending time with my child and creating those memories. 


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