Word of the day Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who do you listen to the most? Yourself!! All that self-talk can be sabatoging or uplifting; it’s important that you choose wisely!

Word of the day today:

The words we tell ourselves is vital to our emotions and how we treat others. Believe it or not, it’s even important in getting great sleep and having awesome mornings! 

What in the world am I talking about? Well, I started realizing a couple months ago, my father never says, “I’m tired.” Yet I hear everyone else around me say it a LOT!! My father is one of those Energizer bunny people who is constantly moving and doing stuff, thinking and being creative. He still works full-time as a mechanic at nearly 78 years old!! 

As I thought about those little words, I realized That when you say it out loud, it makes your whole mind and body feel that way. Is dragging yourself through the day fun for you? If not, let’s change that self-talk! How about we tell ourselves, “I’m energized!” instead? Where your mind goes, your body will follow!

While reading Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, he speaks about how thenlast thing you tell yourself before you go to bed is the first thought when you wake up. For example, when you tell yourself, “I’m going to be so tired in the morning.” You’ll wake up thinking, “I’m so tired.”

How about telling yourself, “I’m going to get five hours of sleep and wake up energized to do my exercise and spend 20-minutes doing self-development studying.” Would you know, that’s the first thing you’ll think about when you wake up?! It’s so amazing, you won’t regret it!!

Read Miracle Morning! I highly encourage it!!

I mentioned Miracle Morning yesterday, too!! My goals yesterday were:

  • Drink 32oz water 💦 without my water bottle at work with me – drank 32oz when I got home!! ✅
  • Business 5/5/5 (I’m currently at 0/2/0) – 2/2/0 😟
  • Read one chapter of Miracle Morning – Yesss!! ✅
  • Write down that target market – started!! 
  • Research target market interesting articles online – that was a goal? 😬

Okay then, let’s do this right today. Write down the goals!! 🙈 

Is my handwriting legible? If not here it is typed:

⚪️ drink 32oz water 💦 

⚪️ business 5/5/5

⚪️ read 1 chapter Miracle Morning

⚪️ read 30-min before bed

⚪️ find 1 article that may benefit my target market and share it!

⚪️ start a closed FB group for my PC only

Transformation Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Is there something in your life that you wished would be different? Transformed? Something that could help you get back to the path of reaching your dreams? Or maybe there’s a goal that you’re shooting for but just aren’t getting there yet?

It’s time to be transformed, my friend! Believe it or not, I read one chapter of Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod last night and it totally changed my view on sleep. 

Wait a minute, I thought we were talking about transforming our lives?! Give me a moment, I’m getting there!!

Okay, so in this amazing book, Elrod explains that it’s very important to self-talk. We should tell ourselves affirmations before we go to bed and we will wake up alive and excited! If you do the opposite, like tell yourself you’re just not going to get enough sleep, you’ll wake up in the same groggy, didn’t get enough sleep mood. And who wants that?!

Now, he’s onto something. I normally have an alarm set for 4:03am. Yes, I’m crazy. No I don’t actually wake up at this time in a normal basis. At least not to do anything productive. Last night, at about 10:30pm I told myself I was going to wake up after five hours with energy and alertness, that I’ll do my bible study and have a productive day. 

Guess what time I woke up without an alarm? 3:30am!! Who wakes up at 3:30am ready to face the world?? This girl did! And was I in shock! Then I configured 10:30pm + 5 hours…What was I thinking?? I could have told myself 6 hours and slept in another hour. 

Did you know I tried to go back to sleep like I usually do until 4:30am? Do you think I could fall back asleep? Nope, not this time!! I’m telling you, stop self-sabatoging your sleep and tell yourself what kind of morning you want to have and how long your sleep will be before getting that shut-eye! Trust me, you’ll love it!!

And when you do wake up, use that time to be productive! I recommend reading Miracle Morning! 

Okay, now reading a chapter was one of my goals yesterday, along with a few others. Here’s my progress for yesterday:

  • Drink 32oz water 💦 – 26oz
  • Business 5/5/5 (I’m already at 0/3/0) – 2/3/0
  • Post a nurses week promotion – posted Happy nurses week, no promo 
  • Read 1 chapter of Miracle Morning – yes!! ✅
  • Begin writing down the target market – it was in my head, didn’t write it out

Now, today’s goals are very similar:

  • Drink 32oz water 💦 without my water bottle at work with me
  • Business 5/5/5 (I’m currently at 0/2/0)
  • Read one chapter of Miracle Morning
  • Write down that target market
  • Research target market interesting articles online

How’d we get to Thursday so quick?! April 20, 2017

Wow, yesterday must have been a blur! I didn’t even post!!

My reading has been slower than I’d like. I haven’t been doing any devotions, my #1 issue. I didn’t write my book review for Eyes Wide Open yet, a slight concern that I’ll forget what the book was about before I write my review. And I’m a few weeks behind in my book studies, a minor concern that I’ll miss my chance to see the accompanying teaching videos that go along with the books. And all these other books I want to read!! 

As always, I take on more than I can handle. And the days fly past so quick it makes me wonder if I’m using my time wisely. 🤔

I recently attended a training class that gave me two more books 📚 😳 and I’d like to read it at some point this year!! It’s about outward mindset, thinking and doing for others without selfishness. Whoa, pretty deep and I totally want to be engrossed in it! 

Anyway, goals for today:

  • Read 30-min
  • Get son to flag football practice
  • Business daily 5/5/5 (currently at 0/3/0)
  • Figure out dinner! 🍽
  • Clean up the tables (the catch-all tables at home)
  • Wash dishes before going to bed (so tired of doing dishes first thing in the morning!!)

Do you set yourself daily goals? Why it why not? What are you doing different today for better tomorrows??