Getting over work outside the home guilt

It’s summer. You have a choice of spending oodles for someone else to watch your child or taking off from work to be there with your child. If you’re lucky, a family member or friend may volunteer to watch your child. Sometimes it’s okay to bring your child to work. Whatever it is, there’s no need to feel guilty. 

As frustrating as it is that you need to go to work while someone else takes care of your child, it’s okay. As your child grows older, he or she will understand why you had to leave him or her with someone else. It’s hard now, I get it. I’m doing it. 

I’m one of those lucky ones who can bring my child to work on certain days and my son loves it, even though he has to stay in my office while I do my thing. He plays on my iPad and insists he’s hungry every moment of the day. But, knowing he’s safe and he’s not causing any trouble is a relief for me! 

Now, I do feel the guilt when I leave him with my mother or sister-in-law or when I used to send him to a very expensive summer program that he hated. It pushes me towards increasing my part-time CEO income so that I can stay home with him during his next break. All calculations aside, the next break is fall break, October 7-16; we are trying to get to a wedding around then in Illinois as well. 

Regardless of what you need to do, sort through your priorities. If you are financially in need to work, then work. If your child or family desperately needs your presence due to illness or something else, take that time with your family. Yes, family comes before career in most instances, but sometimes life just can’t move on without an income. 

If you’re looking for part-time work but don’t want to be away from your family more than you already are, there are many work from home opportunities out there. I’ve been a part of one of those companies for a little over a year and I can honestly say that it is a blessing to have extra income that I can accomplish from anywhere because it is virtual. Message me to learn more about how you, too, can earn extra income and eventually stay home with your child. 

It’s about Time Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“It helps to actually open the book you carry around everywhere.” That’s what I tell myself every day. What’s the sense of taking this book around with you everywhere u go unless you actually open it and read it! Otherwise it’s just decoration!

I’ve been hanging onto this book, Listen Live Repeat by Karen Ehman. I’ve read another book by this author and it was amazing, so I thought I’d try this one out. And this book was a book study with Proverbs 31 Ministries recently. As always, I fell behind on Day 1. 

Anyway, the chapter I’ve been carrying this book around for over a month. I just read chapter 2 yesterday. It was about time. We should sacrifice our own time now and then to help someone save their time. It could be to help them get their laundry done, now their lawn, go grocery shopping, whatever it might be.

When we give up our own time to help someone with their time, it builds relationships. It helps us to grow closer to one another because of that little thing you did for someone else. Be on the look out to help someone in their time of struggle. How can you be there for them in their time of need? It doesn’t even need to be someone you know!

Time is precious. When you take time out of your own life to help someone else, it means so much. So give of your time with a cheerful heart, not out of obligation. In this day and age, we are hard pressed for time, constantly in a rush. 

A Stanford University study suggests taking 10-minutes today doing something for yourself you hadn’t already planned. And take 30-minutes to donsomething for someone else.

What are you doing with your time today?

Are you Mediocre this Monday, May 8, 2017?

I’ve been reading this book by Hal Eldon called Miravle Morning. He states that 95% of people live a mediocre life. What does that mean? Mediocre people are those who go to work, do the stuff that needs to be done, go home to veg in front of the television, go to bed only to start all over again. Nothing changes. It’s always the “Oh, I’ll get to that tomorrow” or “That can wait until next week” kind of attitude and nothing really gets done. 

In other words, mediocre people are not shooting to better themselves or the state of their life. It’s all fine and dandy to be content or even complacent. Are you one of those people?? 

I started my own business a year ago. It was my way of not being mediocre. Then I did very little to actually grow my business, hoping it would just build on its own. I’m realizing that if someone were to open a storefront, they don’t just let it sit there in hopes of customers coming in. They actually need to get out there and draw people in! 

So here’s to a new week! By the way? It’s nurses week, so Happy Nurses Week to all nurses out there!! I appreciate you!! 

Here’s some non-mediocre goals for the week:

  • Drink 32oz of water 💦 daily (because I’ve accomplished that only once last week 😐
  • Business 5/5/5 daily before noon!
  • Promote for nurses week
  • Promote for Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Read 1 chapter of Miracle Morning daily
  • Write out my target market and research FB & Linkedin groups to follow and participate in by this Friday
  • Complete daily FB live videos directed to that target market starting by this Thursday 

Eek! Those are big goals for the week. Let’s get on it!! It’s almost 10am and I’m still short on the 5/5/5 for the day 😬 Hop to it!! Let’s not be the 95% mediocre anymore!! 

Okay now that the weekly goals are set, let’s narrow it down to today’s goals!

  • Drink 32oz water 💦 
  • Business 5/5/5 (I’m already at 0/3/0)
  • Post a nurses week promotion
  • Read 1 chapter of Miracle Morning
  • Begin writing down the target market

I think that’s doable for the day 👍🏼☺️ 

How’d we get to Thursday so quick?! April 20, 2017

Wow, yesterday must have been a blur! I didn’t even post!!

My reading has been slower than I’d like. I haven’t been doing any devotions, my #1 issue. I didn’t write my book review for Eyes Wide Open yet, a slight concern that I’ll forget what the book was about before I write my review. And I’m a few weeks behind in my book studies, a minor concern that I’ll miss my chance to see the accompanying teaching videos that go along with the books. And all these other books I want to read!! 

As always, I take on more than I can handle. And the days fly past so quick it makes me wonder if I’m using my time wisely. 🤔

I recently attended a training class that gave me two more books 📚 😳 and I’d like to read it at some point this year!! It’s about outward mindset, thinking and doing for others without selfishness. Whoa, pretty deep and I totally want to be engrossed in it! 

Anyway, goals for today:

  • Read 30-min
  • Get son to flag football practice
  • Business daily 5/5/5 (currently at 0/3/0)
  • Figure out dinner! 🍽
  • Clean up the tables (the catch-all tables at home)
  • Wash dishes before going to bed (so tired of doing dishes first thing in the morning!!)

Do you set yourself daily goals? Why it why not? What are you doing different today for better tomorrows??

When life gets the best of ya

Yep, it happens. 

Quite often, actually, when your life seems to revolve around your kids and spouse. You know what I’m talking about, right?! I know I’m not alone here!

Sometimes, if you’re anything like me, your life also revolves around your parents and siblings, too! You get me, don’t you?

Photo: Bas Czerwinski/Getty Images

Well, life for the best of me recently. The main reason why this blog has taken a backseat. My goal is to write a little daily. And I’d like to commit to doing just that for the rest of the month. It’s a small goal, but we need to start somewhere!

I’ve begun 30-minutes of daily yoga and I missed it yesterday. It’s ok, we’ll make up for that over the weekend! Isn’t that what weekends are for? To catch up on all the things you meant to do during the week?

Busy-ness does not equal productivity, though. We must not get that confused. We can be busy scrolling social media and really accomplish nothing. Or we can skim through social media, reach out to a few key individuals and build those relationships. That’s potentially accomplishing something!

When you’re in the type of business I’m in, we tend to focus on relationship building. It’s a whole ton of fun to connect with like-minded people around the globe! It proves we aren’t alone! And you can potentially support one another through encouragement or even being each others customer. It’s been a learning and growing experience. 

I’ve been reading a book called Living Forward by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy. He speaks about creating a Life Plan. Something to focus every day decisions towards. This Life Plan is an evolving document that changes as your life goals change. But it will help guide those difficult decisions. This is a document for just you and maybe your accountability partner, it does not need to be for public viewing in any way, shape, or form. But it does help with your mindset and decision making processes. 

Let’s refocus. Don’t let life get ahead of you. Take control back from the craziness that gets thrown your way. Be strong. Let’s do this!

You are here, be present!

It is so easy to get caught up in the activities of the day, the daily routines. Many times we are just going through the motions of life, not realizing the impact it has on those around us, or even on ourselves. Are you just living life or are you living the life? 

Wherever you are, be present in that moment. Years ago, I read a book called “Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results”. One of the topics is to “Be There”, which meant to be present, in the moment, no distractions, no preoccupied thinking. Put everything else aside and just be in the moment, you know?

This book must have really struck a cord in me to remember it over a decade after I read it and I’m still talking about it! But, it’s so true. Being right here, right now is very important not only for the others you are with, but also for yourself.

There are many times when my son will say something and I’m not really paying attention; he knows it, too! He says, “Mommy, you’re not listening to me.” Of course, this happens quite often when he wants to be heard, like when it is important to him that I know that the show he’s watching was made in 2013. I’m for real, this just happened the other night! He even had to stop the show so I could see the publication date. It was important to him that I knew this program was 4 years old. I needed to be in that moment with him because he wanted to be heard.

When we all get home from work and school, it is important to me that we all sit together for dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever expressed that with my family, yet it happens every day! It is also important that we refrain from using our technology. This is not just a lesson for our son, but for us as parents as well. It’s a perfect time to focus on each other, to talk about our day and share a story of something that happened that day. It is a time to be heard and a time to feel like someone’s really listening. Of course, many times technology does come into play because it is when we show a video or something we read and want to share, but we try to push that towards the ending of the meal. It is important that we come together as a family and support one another, to be present.

Sometimes a friend will be talking about something her kids did the night before and sharing her heart. It is important to her to share and feel supported. Do you think she would feel supported if I’m half-listening and thinking about what I’ll say next to refocus the conversation on me? Probably not, right? It’s not an easy thing to do, to fully hear people and what they are saying. At times, we need to “read between the lines,” a whole different topic we can get into another time!

Wherever you are, be present in that moment. Focus all your attention on the others you are with. Allow them to speak without judging them or thinking about something else. Really hear the other person out and stop being concerned about what you will say next. Put away everything else and enjoy the moment you are in. You’ll never get that moment back, don’t waste it!

Fixed it and forgot it

Do you remember that commercial, the speaker says, “Fix it and forget it!” Yeah, it was my topic of the day at work yesterday. Now that I’ve had a couple days to breathe and assess everything that’s happening at work, I’ve been able to feel less overwhelmed. It’s amazing what a little relaxation can do to get organized for the following day! Yet, it happened. I fixed a cup of coffee and forgot it! A nice cold cup was waiting for me when I got home! Eeek! It’s no wonder I spend my day frazzled sometimes!

Does this ever happen to you? It’s the story of my life! Start a load of laundry, get busy doing something else and forgot that I was doing laundry! Now it smells sour and it needs to be washed all over again! Then you manage to get the laundry into the dryer, then forgot it! Now everything is all wrinkled! Aaahhhh! 
Just last weekend I was baking bread. I totally forgot my dough was rising! Then after I placed it in the oven, I nearly forgot I had something in my oven! Thankfully I used a smart oven that shuts off after the timer ends! How did my parents ever survive without burnin the house down? How did I get this far in life to be so dependent on watch timers and appliances that automatically shut down?

Just to note, commercial actually says, “Set it and forget it.” But you get my point! What have you fixed and forgot?

Just breathe when overwhelmed and stuck

Have you ever knew you had oodles to do and the energy to do it, but you just don’t know where to start?? At this very moment, this is how I’m feeling. 

There’s a ton to do at work, yet I can’t figure out what my priorities are to get started. I have a lot to do for my business, but I don’t know where to turn right now. I have so much I want to write (if you didn’t know I have two other blogs, one being a book review site with loads of books I’ve read and need to review & the other is about the state of my finances and my adventure to dig myself out of debt). 

Where do you start when you feel like someone just dumped all these tasks on you at once? How do you find the starting line of a jumbled mess? 

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take a few moments of playing your favorite game on your phone. Breathe.  Read a book. Breathe. Go get a cup of coffee. Breathe. Make a list of the things you need to do. Breathe. It will be okay. It doesn’t all need to be done here and now. Breathe. 

Okay, now, sort through the list and find something quick and easy. This is just tobget you started. Get moving. Heading in the right direction. Tackle each thing one at a time. Although you may feel like everything needs to be done right now, it can be accomplished over a few days or maybe even a few weeks. It’s going to be okay!

Working mama, you can do this. I am confident that whatever you feel needs to get done will be accomplished. One step at a time. One moment at time — hey, that’s a song. Focus. Breathe. 

Working mama blues

The hardest part about being a working mama, for me, is everything that has to be done around my full-time job. It breaks my heart that I need to rush my son to school so I can barely make it to my job in time. It hurts my feelings that he has to go to after school care because mama and daddy are at work. How is it fair for him as a child??

Think about it, I wake my son up at 6:15am to get ready for school. In reality, I’m the one that takes longer to get ready and I get him up at that time so I don’t need to stop in the middle of getting ready to get him moving. It’s all extra sleep he could be getting if I didn’t need to spend so much time getting myself ready for work. 

 At 7:30am I drop him off at school. Then I head straight to work. A job that I prefer to start at 7:30am, but I don’t walk in until 8:30am. That’s already an hour my son’s been in school!!

He finishes most school days at 2pm. We finish work at about 4pm, plus an hour to drive back to school. Our poor child needs to stay at after school care for 3 hours until we can get to him? That’s a total of 9 -10 hours he’s not with his family! 

Yet after we finally pick him up and get home, suddenly we’re rushing once again. This time, we’re rushing to get dinner made. And we rush to get ready for bed. 

Why is it my time with my precious son is always in a rush? Why is the time we have together anything but relationship building and memory making? Will it always be like this? What kind of a childhood is this?

I hope this is not the story of our lives. There’s so much more to look forward to, right? Well, it is my dream to work from home and no longer have these rushed moments to get things accomplished in the little 24 hours in a day. Are you with me? The American dream has traditionally been to start our own business and thrive independently. I think it’s time we did just that, are you with me?

I’m a hot mess!

There’s only so much you can do in a day. Yet there’s always more to get done than you have time for. There’s work, getting the kiddo (or kiddos) to and from school, cooking, helping with homework, laundry, cleaning, after school activities, only to start the whole shebang again tomorrow! Do you feel me?? 

I will be the first to admit, I’ve been hopeful that my son (I only have one kiddo) would want to play sports or do anything else outside of school. But inside I’ve been cheering that he outright refuses! Who has time for that anyway?! And then all the announcements come home from school. A Monday after school course that he’s super excited about. A school flag football team he wanted to join last year, but we learned about it too late. Wait, what happened to my peace?

Yes, I know it’s good for him to take on these fun activities. But how do you fit it into your already busy life? I mean REALLY?? 

I’m sure once everything starts, the new routine will settle. Plus the after school course is when we’re still at work, so what am I so worried about? And flag football will still happen even if my husband and I can’t be there until later. But what if he gets hurt? Won’t he want his mama there to support him? Well, he will just have to get along until I’m able to get there. After all, I have a full time job that I need to be at that’s kind of necessary to survive here. 

Things are about to change, though. I learned the other day that my position is being cut. I’m being laid off. Thankfully, they’re giving me until June to find another job or another way to make a living. I have a side business that I started the middle of last year, but the income isn’t anywhere near what I make at my job. It cannot replace my income just yet. But I’m getting there! A few of my friends have been able to resign from their jobs so they can be work at home mamas, why not me?

Well, it’s time to step it up! Finding a job is hard! I’ve been down that road many a times! But I’ve never been laid off. This is new! It’s frustrating! Stressful! I’m a HOT MESS over this! I’m crying on the inside because I love my job and I don’t want to lose the income. 

What if…? What if I could do well in my business so I don’t have to worry about getting another job? What if the next couple months are AMAZING!! What if we can survive without my going to another job and be more available for my family? 

Here’s to new adventures this year! By the way, Happy Lunar Year! 🏮⛩🎇