The taboo subject – Money Monday

Why is it that we don’t talk about money and finances on a regular basis? Life revolves around it and our society thrives on it. Yet, no one likes to disclose their money successes or money troubles. 

It’s always so hush hush that it’s no wonder so many of us are in crazy debt or getting divorced because of the stress of not having enough. Yet, we don’t talk to each other about it, not even in our own marriages!

We tend to keep our finances secret because it shows how we manage our money, or the lack of it. It shows how much in debt we’ve put ourselves in or possibly how we try to seem richer through the material things we possess. Whatever the case, the material possessions says nothing about actual finances! There is zero need to be jealous that you saw on someone on your Facebook feed has nice clothes or drives a nice car. It really means nothing about his or her financial management. 

Recently, I started working with a finance program that has encouraged me to see all the bills I owe and when I owe it. I’m also tracking every single purchase I make. According to my cash flow, I have about $100 to spend a week on variable spending like gas for the car and food to eat. Here in Hawaii, that doesn’t stretch very far and I can only hope we already have enough to last this week because I’ve already spent half of it on school shorts for my son!

Now to work on getting some of these bills paid a little quicker, consolidation on my student loans, and start saving up for a rainy day and for that 14-day cruise I want to take in 2020!