Developing Discipline

One of the best emails I receive regularly comes from It always has great tips and tricks for how to be successful.

What does "success" mean to you? Everyone will define "success" differently and it's all about perspective. In the Success Insider podcasts each interviewer is asked what "success" means to them.

Just today I found this article about developing discipline:

In a nutshell, has 10 And tips for developing discipline:

  1. Set big goals
  2. Set clear goals
  3. Know that every day matters
  4. Don't argue with the plan
  5. Build a no-matter-what mindset
  6. Plan a routine
  7. Commit
  8. Understand the transformation process
  9. Go above feelings
  10. Resist the rain
  11. Find pleasure in the hard work

Check out the site for a description of each. Wonderful stuff! Which ones are you doing and which do you need help with?