3 things to prepare for 4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July, Independence Day, whatever you choose to call it, here in the USA, we often celebrate this day outdoors! Picnics, barbecues, beaches, concerts, fireworks, the works! 

While the Declaration of Independence was written on July 2nd and most of the signers signed it on the 4th. Historians say all the signatures were not completed until August 2nd. Regardless of the signing details, we have celebrated the 4th of July since 1941.

Regardless of where you are across this country, you will highly likely be outdoors. Keep in mind three very important things to remember on this holiday:

#1 – Use broadspectrum sunscreen

Broad spectrum sunscreen is the best quality sunscreen out there to block out dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Direct sunlight and indirect sunlight, the UV rays don’t care, it’s looking to get you! Keep in mind that not all broadspectrum sunscreens are the same. Some are definitely better than others! 

#2 – Hydrate

Make sure you hydrate! You’re outside in the heat, potentially a sweaty day. The last thing your companions want is to rush you to the hospital with heat exhaustion or dehydration! Colder water is even better!

#3 – Have fun!

This is a celebration. If there’s someone around who hits a nerve, step away and redirect your attention somewhere else. Arguing on this holiday is not worth it! Once again, it’s a celebration! Let’s celebrate!!

While some people will need to work on this day of celebrations, be kind and understand that they would rather be hanging out than being at work! Have fun and enjoy the celebrations!!