The new Saturday morning cartoons…

Way back when, there were back to back cartoons all Saturday mornings. It was the grandest thing to look forward to each week! Do you recall the lineup? I can’t for the life of me. But I do remember gettingbup early and watching those Saturday morning cartoons with my brothers! The good old days! 

These days, it seems cartoons can be watched on any day. My son watched cartoons on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. There’s nothing to look forward to anymore like the old Saturday morning cartoons! 

Our Saturday mornings are now filled with chores and cleaning. Nothing wrong with that, right? Thankfully, he’s learning to be helpful with the cleaning of the bathroom. If only I could get him to tidy up his bedroom. 

And instead of being marketed with hundreds of advertising in one morning, my son just watches the show and that’s it! I’ll admit I love that part!

What’s your replacement for the old Saturday morning cartoons?