This is crushing my spirit

For the second time this year, my son has had this phantom fever and mysterious cough. The first time we spent hours at the doctors office and at the Emergency Room, with no answers or diagnosis with a bill for over $700. Now it’s happening again and I cannot afford to stay home with him. It crushes my spirit. 

Knowing that I need to work when my son needs me most is heart-breaking. Yes, I can take him to work with me occasionally, but while he’s sick is not the place for him. Instead I must resort to leaving him with my mother. 

Mamas, you are not alone. It’s perfectly normal to prefer to stay home with your kiddo when he’s not well. We are typically the nurturer and have a very different relationship with our kiddo than their father. 

While my husband tries to be there for our son, it’s a different kind of relationship. The kiddo still gravitates to me when he’s not feeling well. It’s crushes my spirit that I can’t be there when he needs me. 

When mama doesn’t feel well…

The kiddos still need to their breakfast. The dishes still needs to be washed. Theblaundry still needs to get done. The school-aged kids taken to school. And if you’re a work outside the home mama, you still need to get to work! 

Regardless how you’re feeling that day or even that very moment, the job of mama never stops! Sometimes the pause button is necessary, but so often it’s not for long!

How do you really accomplish anything when you aren’t feeling well, mama? From my experience, things will get accomplished, but in a much slower pace. Just be okay with the slowing down of life. Things will still get done, you just need more rest and give yourself some grace. 

Do what you can when you can. Don’t force it. Take it easy. Like my last post, breathe. Everything will be okay!