The new Saturday morning cartoons…

Way back when, there were back to back cartoons all Saturday mornings. It was the grandest thing to look forward to each week! Do you recall the lineup? I can’t for the life of me. But I do remember gettingbup early and watching those Saturday morning cartoons with my brothers! The good old days! 

These days, it seems cartoons can be watched on any day. My son watched cartoons on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. There’s nothing to look forward to anymore like the old Saturday morning cartoons! 

Our Saturday mornings are now filled with chores and cleaning. Nothing wrong with that, right? Thankfully, he’s learning to be helpful with the cleaning of the bathroom. If only I could get him to tidy up his bedroom. 

And instead of being marketed with hundreds of advertising in one morning, my son just watches the show and that’s it! I’ll admit I love that part!

What’s your replacement for the old Saturday morning cartoons?

Getting over work outside the home guilt

It’s summer. You have a choice of spending oodles for someone else to watch your child or taking off from work to be there with your child. If you’re lucky, a family member or friend may volunteer to watch your child. Sometimes it’s okay to bring your child to work. Whatever it is, there’s no need to feel guilty. 

As frustrating as it is that you need to go to work while someone else takes care of your child, it’s okay. As your child grows older, he or she will understand why you had to leave him or her with someone else. It’s hard now, I get it. I’m doing it. 

I’m one of those lucky ones who can bring my child to work on certain days and my son loves it, even though he has to stay in my office while I do my thing. He plays on my iPad and insists he’s hungry every moment of the day. But, knowing he’s safe and he’s not causing any trouble is a relief for me! 

Now, I do feel the guilt when I leave him with my mother or sister-in-law or when I used to send him to a very expensive summer program that he hated. It pushes me towards increasing my part-time CEO income so that I can stay home with him during his next break. All calculations aside, the next break is fall break, October 7-16; we are trying to get to a wedding around then in Illinois as well. 

Regardless of what you need to do, sort through your priorities. If you are financially in need to work, then work. If your child or family desperately needs your presence due to illness or something else, take that time with your family. Yes, family comes before career in most instances, but sometimes life just can’t move on without an income. 

If you’re looking for part-time work but don’t want to be away from your family more than you already are, there are many work from home opportunities out there. I’ve been a part of one of those companies for a little over a year and I can honestly say that it is a blessing to have extra income that I can accomplish from anywhere because it is virtual. Message me to learn more about how you, too, can earn extra income and eventually stay home with your child. 

When your child’s team needs a coach…

Last month, my son’s friend from school shared that he wanted to play flag football with a local league. We decided to register our son to join his friend. Then I received an email saying they are short on coaches and looking for parents to volunteer. What would you do if your child’s team doesn’t have a coach?

A couple years ago or so, he was in a soccer team with a similar issue with the same league. One of his friends parents volunteered to coach only if my husband or I assistant coached. So, I did and we had loads of fun! 

This time, I waited. I hoped another parent would volunteer. I’m a mother, not a flag football coach! I’ve never played the game and don’t fully understand it! Then another email came a week later. Eeek! If we don’t have a coach, my son and his friend might end up on different teams! We can’t have THAT!!

What to do, what to do…I gave in. I volunteered myself to coach this flag football team. Today was the coach clinic. The director and assistant director showed us some drills we can run with the kids. And showed how the younger children may be a little more challenging to complete drills with as the older kids already have some experience with the drills. 

My son being in the middle of the extremes, I’ll likely start off with the easier drills and may do a more difficult drill towards the ending of the season and the kids get to know each other a little better.

As a working mama, I believe keeping my child busy is important. And if I need to volunteer as the only mama coach, I’ll do it! It’s about spending time with my child and creating those memories. 

Word of the day Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A word I started hearing quite a bit a few weeks ago and even more the last few days: 

What IS collusion?? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines collusion as a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose acting in collusion with the enemy. 

For example, you hear people gossiping or talking about things other than what their job is to do. This is collusion! Why? Because we get paid to do our job, not to gossip or talk about other topics. How much time each day do you spend doing things other than your job? Don’t be embarrassed if your answer is your entire shift 😬, it’s more common than you think! Does it make it right? Not necessarily. Please proceed as you desire. 

Now my family and I are listening to a news program and they have said the word “collusion” every other minute for the last half hour. 😳 The collusion this news program is talking about is evidence or no evidence of collusion regarding the votes cast for Donald Trump in the presidential election. I’m not trying to get into a discussion about this new administration, rather about the use of the word collusion. 

Collusion is common. It’s all around us whether we like it or not. Another news example is this past week, a cell phone provider had several stores where their employees walked out from their job. They were colluding with their company. There was a secret agreement for these employees to walk out on their jobs on the same day and at the same time for the purpose of disrupting their companies business process. 

Can you think of any collusion happening in your world?

Dealing with tragedy Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It’s with a sadden heart I write this. The tragic bombing at a concert at Manchester Arena last night was an act of terrorism. How can one be proud for killing innocent people? The first victim announced today was an 8-year old girl, the same age as my son. 

I grieve for those who lost their lives last night, I’m now hearing it’s up to 22 fatalities and 59 injured. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it, at least not in this lifetime. 

Give your loved ones extra hugs, extra love, and extra kindness. Not only because it’s so surreal to hear about a terrorist activity at a place of celebration, but because those around us need to hear and feel that we really do care. 

It’s so easy to give into our emotions, whether it’s pride or anger. Our words should lift others up instead of tear them down. It’s better to not speak than to say something that could potentially affect the feelings of someone else. I have been known to put my foot in my mouth quite often. I know it’s easier said than done. Let’s practice today and every day to be kind to others even when we don’t feel like it. 

My prayers for the victims families, the witnesses, the first responders, the community who stretched to accommodate concert goers, and for Ariana Grande and her crew. 

Weekends are hard, Sunday, May 21, 2017

Your child goes to school during the weekdays and spends most of his time with his teachers and friends. Some even go to before or after school care. It’s a routine they become accustomed to. 

Then the weekend hits. It’s when all bets are off, right? Instead of spending a couple hours before school and a few after school and into the evening, as parents, we have them the entire weekend. What are we to do?!

Sometimes there’s a battle between parents on how to discipline the children. Other times there’s just that stubborn child who just isn’t in the mood for listening to anyone. Then there’s the few (or maybe many) who fall under both. 

What do you do? As suggested in Proverbs, Ephesians, Psalms, Matthew, and anywhere else in the Holy Bible, it is recommended that as parents we watch our words. Be careful that we are not killing their spirit. It’s okay to discipline or correct, but be sure to do so lovingly. They’re just children after all. 

Speak gently. Stick to the rules that are set. Be firm, yet loving. 

I know this isn’t easy. I struggle with this whenever I’m with my son. He tends to think he rules my life. His feelings get hurt very easily. 

Choose your hard, mama! Sometimes you just need to stick to the rules, even when it’s hard…

Skincare Saturday, May 20, 2017

What’s the best way to care for your skin when working out and exercising? There’s so many ways to keep your skin healthy!


  • Be sure the equipment you use is sanitized properly. For those of you gym rats, you don’t know what was left behind after the last person. Take a few moments to wipe down the equipment before you use it. 
  • Remove makeup before your workout. Any makeup may clog your pores as you perspire resulting in breakouts. 
  • Pull back long hair. If your hair is lengthy, pull it back. Any products you use in your hair could drop down into your face, causing breakouts. 
  • Use my R+F Eye Cloths to remove even stubborn makeup

During workout

  • Perspiration is a great detoxifier
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Hydrate! Drink lots of water to stay hydrated 


  • Shower soon after you complete your workout; waiting until you get home later could result in clogged pores (not just on your face!)
  • Avoid over scrubbing; this could result in drying out your skin and result in eczema or other skin irritations
  • Moisturizer your skin with R+F Body Moisturizer and one of the facial moisturizers that fits your skin concerns

For more information on how you can earn additional income for washing your face and staying about it, contact me:

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It’s about Time Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“It helps to actually open the book you carry around everywhere.” That’s what I tell myself every day. What’s the sense of taking this book around with you everywhere u go unless you actually open it and read it! Otherwise it’s just decoration!

I’ve been hanging onto this book, Listen Live Repeat by Karen Ehman. I’ve read another book by this author and it was amazing, so I thought I’d try this one out. And this book was a book study with Proverbs 31 Ministries recently. As always, I fell behind on Day 1. 

Anyway, the chapter I’ve been carrying this book around for over a month. I just read chapter 2 yesterday. It was about time. We should sacrifice our own time now and then to help someone save their time. It could be to help them get their laundry done, now their lawn, go grocery shopping, whatever it might be.

When we give up our own time to help someone with their time, it builds relationships. It helps us to grow closer to one another because of that little thing you did for someone else. Be on the look out to help someone in their time of struggle. How can you be there for them in their time of need? It doesn’t even need to be someone you know!

Time is precious. When you take time out of your own life to help someone else, it means so much. So give of your time with a cheerful heart, not out of obligation. In this day and age, we are hard pressed for time, constantly in a rush. 

A Stanford University study suggests taking 10-minutes today doing something for yourself you hadn’t already planned. And take 30-minutes to donsomething for someone else.

What are you doing with your time today?

Word of the day Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who do you listen to the most? Yourself!! All that self-talk can be sabatoging or uplifting; it’s important that you choose wisely!

Word of the day today:

The words we tell ourselves is vital to our emotions and how we treat others. Believe it or not, it’s even important in getting great sleep and having awesome mornings! 

What in the world am I talking about? Well, I started realizing a couple months ago, my father never says, “I’m tired.” Yet I hear everyone else around me say it a LOT!! My father is one of those Energizer bunny people who is constantly moving and doing stuff, thinking and being creative. He still works full-time as a mechanic at nearly 78 years old!! 

As I thought about those little words, I realized That when you say it out loud, it makes your whole mind and body feel that way. Is dragging yourself through the day fun for you? If not, let’s change that self-talk! How about we tell ourselves, “I’m energized!” instead? Where your mind goes, your body will follow!

While reading Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, he speaks about how thenlast thing you tell yourself before you go to bed is the first thought when you wake up. For example, when you tell yourself, “I’m going to be so tired in the morning.” You’ll wake up thinking, “I’m so tired.”

How about telling yourself, “I’m going to get five hours of sleep and wake up energized to do my exercise and spend 20-minutes doing self-development studying.” Would you know, that’s the first thing you’ll think about when you wake up?! It’s so amazing, you won’t regret it!!

Read Miracle Morning! I highly encourage it!!

I mentioned Miracle Morning yesterday, too!! My goals yesterday were:

  • Drink 32oz water 💦 without my water bottle at work with me – drank 32oz when I got home!! ✅
  • Business 5/5/5 (I’m currently at 0/2/0) – 2/2/0 😟
  • Read one chapter of Miracle Morning – Yesss!! ✅
  • Write down that target market – started!! 
  • Research target market interesting articles online – that was a goal? 😬

Okay then, let’s do this right today. Write down the goals!! 🙈 

Is my handwriting legible? If not here it is typed:

⚪️ drink 32oz water 💦 

⚪️ business 5/5/5

⚪️ read 1 chapter Miracle Morning

⚪️ read 30-min before bed

⚪️ find 1 article that may benefit my target market and share it!

⚪️ start a closed FB group for my PC only